Jem’s Trip hop journey begins

Jem’s Trip hop journey begins

Hey guys! What’s up? I’m Jem Amar. I am a singer/ song writer. I have been singing all of my life. I was always an avid Karaoke bar singer and I never really thought about making my own music. This is Jem’s journey.

In 2020, I started an Underground Hip hop blog and podcast. I have featured over one hundred artists, including several beat producers. One beat maker named C-Dot had a beat called “Float” that caught my attention. When I heard the beat, I could hear lyrics and a melody along with it! I asked him if I could write a song to it and he said “yes”. So, I did.

Jem's journey

One of my new found producer friends mixed and mastered it for me. The first track is called “Paradise”. I put it on Instagram and it got mixed reviews. But, the positive reviews were enough to get me to try again. So, next I purchased a beat off of Beatstars and recorded “The Path”. This track was much more popular. I felt encouraged. So, I recorded “Fascination”.

The third time was the charm as they say. I found my unique sound! A blend of Trip hop and Industrial. I am currently working on recording two more track and I will be releasing an Ep this Fall! So, stay tuned to my INSTAGRAM for more information and to follow Jem’s journey.

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